Sunday, January 31, 2010


Italics: Chorus
Bold: Bridge
Plain Text: Verse, Pre-Chorus

That boy approached his father; such an ungrateful son
He wanted everything, and now; this greedy, faithless one
The world was calling him, and to its arms he'd go running
He said "You're dead to me, so give me now what I've got coming"

And as my righteous teacher passed on the story
I soon was sobered by the shocking truth laid out before me:

I'm no more than living waste; a walking glitch within the system
Crashing from place to place, living my aimless existence
I'll squander gold, and precious treasure
I'll sell my life away for just one momentary pleasure

He soon went crawling back again; he'd gone and lost it all
Finding that he could only beg after his foolish fall
He'd given into greed, and thus couldn't sustain his fortune
And learned at all to high a cost prudence's great importance

And as my righteous teacher finished his story
I soon was frightened by the shocking truth laid out before me:

I'm no more than living waste; a useless bug within the system
Crawling from place to place; hedonism's my religion
Just what is "labor"? I don't get it?
But if I don't learn quick, I'm well aware that I'll regret it

But I need not be like him
I can survive without succumbing to the lusts within
With temperance I can be free
But for my fate to change, I must be the change I wish to see in me

Thursday, January 28, 2010


For an old friend...

Italics: Chorus
Plain Text: Verse

I walked into church again; another Sunday night
And saw the stranger I'd once called a friend
But everything had changed; now none of it was right
Though I was just too blind to see it then

So it seems that old wounds never heal
And I can't lie to my own heart
I still don't know why I can't just deal
But she still makes me fall apart

I must wonder what happened to her
What changed this girl with sunset hair?
Now I can only wish things were as they were
As she keeps pretending I'm not there

So it seems...

Seeing her, I burn for what's past
As, again, epiphany hits me
As much as it crushes me, I can't change the fact
That I no longer know this girl named...


Italics: Chorus
Bold: Bridge
Plain Text: Verse

You seem to always catch me
However far or fast I run
As soon as sight distracts me
My reason quickly comes undone
As needles promise rapture
Obsession courses through my veins
I'd so believed she'd captured me
But I'd already been in chains

Now self-destruction has become my expertise
I carry on somehow, still unaware that I'm diseased
Is it love or is it simply lust? I can't see
Not that it matters when in all I do I know she'll run from me

These fortress walls surround me
But in this cell you still won't die
Now your infection's bound me
And solitude can't satisfy
So now I seek another
Whom I can trust within these walls
This longing I've discovered
Will wear me down until I crawl

My self-destructing heart is twisted and depraved
Whatever rationale I had is rotting in the grave
I'm blindly searching, so oblivious to what I crave
So desperate for connection I've become infatuation's slave

As my obsession feeds
Warping my every need
My surface is pristine, but within I bleed incessantly

This desperate heart's addiction
My terminal affliction
Is finally clear to me, the root of my waking perdition

My self-destruction is obsession's battle cry
As I discover my sobriety's just one more lie
I can't tell how to stop myself; I only know that I
Must break away before I break in vain pursuit of one more high