Thursday, March 19, 2009


Italics: Chorus
Plain Text: Verse

You walk into the room and steal my gaze
I burn to confess how you capture me, but I just can't speak
It seems my only hope is too be near
Inconspicuous, but soon I find my subtlety's betrayed

You walk into the room and steal my gaze
But I still can't confess how you capture me as silence binds me
Now my only hope is too be near
Inconspicuous, but as usual I find my subtlety's betrayed

Because I scream right through the silence
I shout to you for just one chance to speak
I don't know when to give up, or to just keep pressing on
But I know I can only push you far away

I must admit that I don't get it
When they matter, interactions quickly turn to riddles
If I could only solve this “normal”
Then would I escape these unintentional self-sabotages?

That come from screaming through the silence
Because I just don't know what else to do
So call this my apology or whatever you like
Because I wish it hadn't ended up like this

This constant screaming through the silence
Is nothing but a nuisance to us all
I hope you'll find it in you to forgive a fool like me
Though we both know that's so much more than I deserve


Italics: Chorus
Plain Text: Verse

I heard that they were caught in grave sin
Last night in the basement
And wherever else you imagine.

The word is those two went all the way.
At least, that's what they say,
So that must be what happened.

Tell me, what's the new story?
Tomorrow, what will I hear everyone say?
Honestly, truth is just boring.
So tell me whose name we should ruin today.

Someone said he saw her with a ring.
Wait... it's not even spring.
That night must be the reason.

So in nine months' time we'll know the truth
But then news won't be new.
'Tis the sensational season.

Tell me...

We're done, but you just won't let it die.
You still keep spreading lies.
You insist that I played her.

Even though it's all your fault. You see,
Now she won't speak to me
Because she thinks I betrayed her.

So I'll tell you a story:
I'll tell how the anguish you caused ran its course.
And though I'm sure you'll think it's boring,
For once you can say it came straight from the source.

So I'll tell you a story.
Gather 'round, vipers, to hear what I say.
If you're still convinced truth is boring,
Then look at the lives that you've ruined today.


Dedicated to Everybody's Fool. Goodbye and good riddance.

Italics: Chorus

Bold: Bridge
Plain Text: Verse

She is personified perfection
She's nothing like us wretched sinners; she's just so high above me
But she has been giving me this strange impression that
This brilliant image is just perfect acting, and now it seems that

She puts on the face that shows no flaws
An artificial inspiration from which madness draws
But if you tear the mask she wears
You'll wish that she were never there
For if you care she'll cover you in scars
Her image kills the heart

She is personified deception
And all her life is falsified; her livelihood is reputation
She's trying to cover up her own reflection
Piety is vanity, for she's image's incarnation

She puts on the face that shows no flaws
This fabricated beauty which is total madness' cause
Sincerity is insincere
Her hidden visage will strike fear
In all who try to uncover her thoughts
Her mask will shatter hearts

I must admit, at first even I fell for that face
I never saw just how your everything is superficial grace
But my eyes are open now
And I can clearly see just how
Your truth's a lie; you're an authentic fake

You put on the face that won't fool me
The face of what I finally know that you could never be
The image can no longer last
You're nothing but a living mask
Your show is done, behold reality
Revealed for all to see