Saturday, July 10, 2010


...also known as  "Stranger, Part IV." (Parts I-III being Denial, Imitation, and Amnesia.) Still something of a work in progress, but lyrics are mostly done, so I suppose I'm ok with posting this.

Why do I still fight when I know I can't stop what's happening?
Everything makes no sense as the thought of her is maddening
I can't kill this fragment in me that's now and forever hers
Is it even past I wish to see, or dreams that never were?

She remains the heart's infection
And I can't keep up self-deception
Delusion fails and my protection dies

I'm prisoner still to Miss Direction
For though I see through false perceptions
In so-called progress, still, regressions hide

Now at my best, I'm just an approximation of "ok"
Mourning the friend I trusted, wishing I could run away
Distractions can't sedate when simple truth still shatters me
Never thought my one safety would make me wish for apathy

She remains...

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