Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Once more, for a lost friend.

To clarify, while it may be a song about love, this is not a love song.

Plain Text: Verse
Italics: Chorus

I just want to forget
And wake up fine again
Nevermore haunted by ghosts of a friend

Daily I agonize
That wishes won't suffice
Faced with this truth I can't help but despise

Why do I remember?

Even ten thousand words couldn't start to explain
How I wish I could purge my whole heart of her name
But it seems now the best I could ever see
Is selectiveness in my own memory
Each day amnesia remains my one plea

Since I can't deny the truth
What's left that I can do?
I can't survive giving into these wounds

I just want to set this right
So sunset can fade to night
And I can stop burning in her blinding light


Even ten thousand...

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