Thursday, March 19, 2009


Italics: Chorus
Plain Text: Verse

I heard that they were caught in grave sin
Last night in the basement
And wherever else you imagine.

The word is those two went all the way.
At least, that's what they say,
So that must be what happened.

Tell me, what's the new story?
Tomorrow, what will I hear everyone say?
Honestly, truth is just boring.
So tell me whose name we should ruin today.

Someone said he saw her with a ring.
Wait... it's not even spring.
That night must be the reason.

So in nine months' time we'll know the truth
But then news won't be new.
'Tis the sensational season.

Tell me...

We're done, but you just won't let it die.
You still keep spreading lies.
You insist that I played her.

Even though it's all your fault. You see,
Now she won't speak to me
Because she thinks I betrayed her.

So I'll tell you a story:
I'll tell how the anguish you caused ran its course.
And though I'm sure you'll think it's boring,
For once you can say it came straight from the source.

So I'll tell you a story.
Gather 'round, vipers, to hear what I say.
If you're still convinced truth is boring,
Then look at the lives that you've ruined today.

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