Monday, February 15, 2010


For the girl I no longer know...

Now I'm just a tossed-out friend
Loyal to her spectre
Wishing things were as before
But still I can't forget her
Though she discarded all her ties
Her former face I still see
Changed beyond recognition
Gone's the girl I knew named...

She destroyed my only friend
This girl I thought I knew
Does this imposter understand
The hell she's put me through
She's imitation at her best
And it's more clear with time
I simply can't find any rest
When she haunts my mind

And so girl I'd called a friend
It seems is now a stranger
Why can't I just ignore her face,
Knowing who replaced her?
I can't continue to abide
Poisoned affection in me
Now I can only ask myself
Who is this girl named...

She destroyed...

I hate that I still wish for times gone by
And seeing once again the friend I loved has long been dead
I don't recognize the one behind her eyes
As all my memories of her turn to regret

She destroyed...

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