Sunday, February 28, 2010


Judgmental glares still call me nothing
Trying to break me each new day
So what if war is unbecoming?
Not that it matters now what anyone may say

This frozen castle is my refuge
Now they can't touch me, look and see it in these eyes
So what if I'm left with the refuse?
I'm fine alone; I make my home behind walls of ice

Anti-society is draining
Solitude's showing its effect
But still I'm safe; I'm not complaining
Besides, who can I trust enough to connect?

This hollow castle is my refuge
No one can touch me; you can't even see these eyes
Try as you may, you'll never get through
I'm satisfied, here where I hide, behind walls of ice

I can't get far
Living this so-called "freedom" from a soul in shards

And so they fall
My precious walls
"Survival of the coldest" was worthless after all

This broken castle was my refuge
Where will I run now? There's no shelter I can find
You reach to touch; I just might let you
Now you can see right into me, through shattered ice

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