Monday, February 8, 2010


For Tyler, Justin, and various others from back home.

Such is your claim
That you speak in the Name
That embodies peace
Yet daily you wage war with me

Self-righteous eyes
Tell me that I'm despised
He said "Show love to all,"
But you just want to watch me crawl

You think I'm shaking, and I'm breaking;
Well you're mistaken
I'm simply sickened by this
Twisted game you're playing
You think you're better
Because of your holy shelter
You live to serve your tradition to its very letter

You say that action shows your faith
But laws you follow all prove fake
You see this Word of God as man-amended guidelines

You make it clear what you expect:
No questions, just a blind respect
You call me hypocrite, but isn't that still my line?

Who are you to say how I'm defined?

You can't believe
That I don't agree
You think I live in sin
Because I break commands that don't exist

Your "love" assumes
Because you don't approve
That somehow it's my place
To suffer a pariah's fate

You think I'm breaking...

You say that...

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