Sunday, April 4, 2010


For my sister, but to the bastard who'd rather not admit that I exist.

(Disclaimer: Since the lyrics are vague, I thought I'd clarify that this is about her father, not mine.)

We've established there's nothing she can do
So why should she bother
Wasting effort to prove herself to you?

Just what do you think your approval's worth?
It'll never measure up to what you've done to her
Don't you see that as you tighten she slips
Through your iron grip?

You don't even think I deserve the truth
So why should I bother
Wasting effort to prove myself to you?

Did you convince yourself I'd never know?
Or underestimate how much your failure shows?
Don't you see that you can't wish me away,
Try as you may?

You can call us rejected and refused
But we don't care to bother
Wasting effort to prove ourselves to you

It's not as if we've got much left to lose
So go ahead and call this war if you so choose
Just don't expect us to keep sitting in your sights
Afraid to fight

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